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We need a hero! Someone who can kick ass and save the princess! You are the only one brave enough! Vanquish foes! Destroy evil! Obtain... a book? Wait what? You're fetching the princess' vase instead of saving her? No matter, your heroism knows no bounds! Prepare yourself for a super amazing quest of unknown proportions! Or don't, its not like you're a serious hero or anything anyways.

Use the arrow keys to control your hero. Use Z to jump and X to strike with your super amazing weapon. That's it. There is nothing else. This game is a parody of adventure games that seem to implement mechanics and story elements because they can rather than because they should. 

   What's New
This game is a patched up, bug-free version of the original from 2013. Has a new lick of paint too! Improvements include: Ported to GMs, performance improvements, new graphics, even cheesier dialogue than before, bugfixes, grammar improvements, accesibility rebalances, better sounds & a new intro.

Programming & Art by Rob van Saaze
Music by Nik Sudan

AuthorRob van Saaze
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

1. Unzip file folder
2. Run the game!


Super Amazing Quest v1_06.zip 11 MB

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