Platforming Engine V1_4 is now out!

Platforming engine v1_4 is now out! This update includes several fixes and some exciting new features!

-Added throwable crates (you can also stand on them!)
-Added text beacons
-Fixed a rare bug to do with jumpthrough platforms
-Performance improvement
-Updated demo!

If you have any question, feedback, etc, please comment!


Feb 15, 2020
Platforming_engine_robvansaaze_v1_4.yyz 166 kB
Feb 16, 2020

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I wonder if this is a scripting system?

Its not. Sorry! Its a bunch of readymade objects, scripts and code snippets that allow you to easily create your own platforming game!

I understand, but can you explain to me how it matters to the game maker studio 2?

Im afraid I don't understand the question. Can you rephrase?

Ok,but how can i export these files to game maker studio 2?

They are already in game maker studio 2. It is a game maker studio 2 project, and you can simply look at and use the code.